Current Status & Objectives

Public health areas

Qatar’s Population

Population overview

Qatar has been home to one of the fastest growing populations in recent decades. Since 2002, the population has increased from 750,000 to around two and a half million at present.

Qatar’s growth has been driven by a thriving oil and gas industry and the ambition of the country’s leaders to invest and develop the nation. This investment has delivered financial rewards for many residents of Qatar and the country now has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. However, this new found affluence has significantly affected the lifestyles of residents and brought with it an increase in non-communicable diseases such as obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Qatar’s population has grown from

700000 to


Public Health Areas Objectives
Healthy Lifestyle (HL) 6
Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) 2
Diabetets (B) 3
Oral Health (O) 3
Vision (V) 1
Tobacco Cessation (TC) 4
Musculoskeletal (MS) 6
Maternal and Child Health (MC) 4

(Figure 4: Health Objectives)

Health Objectives

Through the strategy’s consultation process, 16 public health areas were identified. A total of 63 objectives have been developed to align with the focus areas. The key priority areas and objectives are identified and discussed further in this strategy.

Public Health Areas Objectives
Cancer (C) 5
Mental Health (MH) 4
Occupational Health (OH) 3
Road Safety (RS) 3
Communicable Diseases (CD) 9
Food Safety (FS) 5
Environmental Health (EH) 3
Respiratory Diseases (RD) 2